What is KR-445

KR-445 is a polymeric product derived from acrylic acid and is specifically designed for use in various cleaning and detergent applications. Here’s an overview of its key characteristics and applications based on the information provided:

  1. Chemical Structure: KR-445 is a homopolymer, meaning it is made up of repeating units of a single type of monomer, in this case, acrylic acid.
  2. Molecular Weight: It has an optimized molecular weight, which is crucial for its performance in different applications. The molecular weight can affect properties such as viscosity, solubility, and effectiveness in formulations.
  3. Form: Homopolymer of Acrylic Acid is supplied in liquid form, which makes it easy to incorporate into various formulations and use in liquid detergents and cleaners.
  4. Grades:
    • KR-445 Detergent Polymer: This is the partially neutralized grade, which retains some of the acidic properties of the acrylic acid monomer. The degree of neutralization can affect the polymer’s performance characteristics.
    • KR-445N: This is the fully neutralized grade, where all the acidic groups have been neutralized. This form may offer different performance benefits compared to the partially neutralized version.
  5. Applications:
    • Liquid Fabric Wash: KR-445 can be used in liquid laundry detergents to enhance cleaning performance, soil suspension, and fabric care.
    • Laundry Additives: It can be incorporated into laundry additives to improve the overall washing process, such as by reducing fabric wear or enhancing color brightness.
    • Industrial and Institutional Detergents: In industrial settings, KR-445 can be used in detergents for cleaning various surfaces and materials, providing effective soil removal and improved rinsing.
  6. Performance Benefits: As a polymer of acrylic acid, KR-445 likely offers benefits such as:
    • Improved soil suspension to prevent re-deposition of dirt and stains.
    • Enhanced stability of detergent formulations, especially in terms of pH and temperature variations.
    • Possible fabric care benefits, such as softness and anti-static properties.
  7. Neutralization: The degree of neutralization can be tailored to meet specific application needs. For instance, partially neutralized grades may offer better performance in certain detergent formulations, while fully neutralized grades may provide improved stability or compatibility.
  8. Customizability: The availability of both partially and fully neutralized grades allows formulators to choose the version that best fits their specific product requirements.

KR-445, with its tailored molecular weight and available grades, is a versatile ingredient for the detergent and cleaning product industry, offering improved performance and formulation flexibility.

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