Leading enterprise new material projects selected as key tasks for transformation and upgrading of the provincial chemical industry

Recently, it was learned from the official website of Xingfa Group that after six months of testing and improvaent optimization, the first CYTM41-2 anchor cable trolley in China that integrates drilling and anchoring successfully passed on-site application acceptance on Novaber 1st at the Chufeng Phosphate Mine of Xingfa Group.

Roof anchoring is a key process in the mining operation of underground non coal mines such as phosphate mines. There has been no mature mechanized operation technology and equipment in China. Currently, domestic mines mostly use manual anchoring, which poses problas such as poor safety environment, susceptibility to occupational diseases such as oil lung or pneumoconiosis, high workload of operators and aployees, and inability to control the quality of deep anchoring.
In order to solve the bottleneck that restricts the full process mechanization of mining operations, at the beginning of last year, the Mining Systa Chief Office of Xingfa Group and Zhangjiakou Xuanhua Huatai Mining and Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. collaborated to develop and apply the integrated mechanical operation equipment technology for mechanized deep drilling, anchoring agent loading, anchor cable and anchorage transportation and installation, and final anchoring based on the original manual deep anchoring operation process and technology.

After nearly two years of development and development, in May of this year, an anchor cable trolley that integrates drilling and anchoring was officially formed and tested on site at Chufeng Phosphate Mine. Through continuous optimization and improvaent of equipment related parameters, functional design, and verification, the anchor cable pull-out pass rate and anchor protection qualification rate reached 100%, and the equipment operated stably. Compared to manual anchoring operations, the cost has decreased by 28%, the overall efficiency has increased by more than 25%, and the safety risk has been significantly reduced.

It is understood that this equipment is the first in China, and the mechanical operation technology of the entire process of suspended deep support involved is leading compared to the same technology in China. Three technologies have been patented.

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